2023 OMC
compensation Survey

About the Survey

This report is designed for Christian camps and conference centers in North America affiliated with Outdoor Ministries Connection (OMC). The purpose is to aid executive leadership and boards of directors in determining salary and compensation packages for year-round, full-time staff. It is also designed as a tool for staff members to support decision-making regarding compensation packages, staff expansion, and fundraising strategies.

The founders of OMC have committed themselves to research as one of several ministry priorities. The major initiative has been the bi-annual director survey, which has gathered data from 2014-2022. In 2023, the OMC steering committee committed to an additional survey focused on staff compensation. While the organizations had conducted their own compensation surveys, the combined data set would allow for a more detailed picture of salary and benefits packages in Christian outdoor ministries in North America.

Download the Full 2023 OMC Compensation Report

The numbers

The six participating outdoor ministry associations, representing approximately 650 individual ministry centers, distributed the online survey to their members and affiliates, encouraging responses through their communication channels. The survey opened in October 2023 and remained open until January 2024 to facilitate a high response. The survey typically took a director 18 minutes to complete and had a completion rate of 76%. The 239 respondents represented approximately 300 individual sites, for a response rate of approximately 46%.

  • Completion Rate – 76%
  • OMC Camp participation rate – 46%

individual respondents

sites represented

camp associations

interactive data visualization coming soon

We’re building a creative, visual way to view and interact with the OMC Compensation Survey data. Check back soon to use this tool!

insights to impact

Once you’ve read the report, it’s time to take action and apply what you’re learning to your camp context. Here are a few key actions steps based on what we learned through the whole set of findings.

Find & friends your neighbors

Compare your camp to others in your area


Focus on small interventions and adjustments to people and programs

Consider a research project specifically for your camp or group of camps

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