Lutheran Campus Ministry Research Project

a multi-phase study exploring Lutheran campus and young adult ministries

About the Project

The Lutheran Campus Ministry Research Project is a multi-phase study exploring the characteristics and practices of faithful, effective, and sustainable Lutheran campus and young adult ministries, given the real-life sensibilities of students, ongoing changes in higher education, and current cultural realities. It was initiated by and for campus ministry practitioners and others who are passionate about ministry with young adults. The study began with an extensive literature review in late 2016, continued with site visits and interviews on campuses across the United States in early 2017, and explored the perspectives of students with a nationwide survey of more than 800 students in fall 2017. The findings were published in a series of reports and articles, including a peer-reviewed article in Word and World from study directors Rollie Martinson and Jake Sorenson.

      The Latest!

      Listen to our May 2023 podcast episode featuring a campus ministry leader and student, along with a recap of study findings.