Finding Direction Survey Building Tool


Use our professionally developed and tested questionnaire to assess parent perspectives among your constituents, and discover great tips to modify the questions for your context.


This tool provides the questionnaire used in the Finding Directions survey, along with permission to use it for your camp. It also walks you through the steps of conducting your own survey to ensure great results for your organization. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sacred Playgrounds and TicTacToe Marketing partnered to gather parent perspectives on the possibilities for Christian summer camps in 2020. The data were gathered from a nationwide sample of more than 2,500 camper parents, offering a snapshot of parent impressions and desires. The circumstances are ever-changing across the nation, as new data and government guidelines emerge. Additionally, each camping organization has its own unique context to consider. Because of this, many camps may wish to conduct their own survey of parents, particularly as summer 2021 approaches.


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