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There are several ways we can help you:

Doing research to help you design your programs and make your case to your constituency is critical and cutting edge. In this competitive world full of distractions and alternatives, those that can show camp actually makes a difference will have an advantage.

Join more than 3 dozen other camps that have participated in the Effective Camp Project. This well-established research methodology has been peer-reviewed and implemented at Christian camps from multiple denominations, in multiple US states and in Canada. By participating in the Effective Camp Project, you will receive your own data from campers and parents, and you will be able to see how your camp compares to dozens of other camps in multiple constructs, allowing you to highlight the areas where you shine and target other areas for improvement. This project also comes with a media kit to help you share your data!

Not interested in one of our well-established projects? No problem! We will come to your setting and do a research study tailor made for your camp. The benefits include being able to:

  • Evaluate and design programs that make a difference
  • Train your staff in practices that have major impact
  • Inform and guide your board and executive decisions based upon what works
  • Market your camp programs with empirical data to support your claims
  • Add to the national pool of data on effective camp research

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On at Tight Budget? Build your own survey!

You can freshen up your summer camp evaluations by following some simple steps. Check out this simple tool that will help you design and build your own evaluations for both end-of-week camper surveys and parent surveys. It is a way to apply the Effective Camp findings for camp leaders on a tight budget.

Engage the Research Through an Online Course

The Effective Camp E-Course is a way to dive deeply into research findings with your outdoor ministries team. These interactive sessions will help you apply camp research in your context.

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