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S3 E1: Season 3 Finale

S3 E1: Season 3 Finale

finale {n.} the last and often climactic event or item in a sequence It's the last episode of season 3 of the Sacred Playgrounds Podcast! Whether it's your first time or you've been along for the ride since our first episode, thanks for listening! It's an honor, and a...

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A Step with Jesus this Holy Week

A Step with Jesus this Holy Week

Jesus took so many consequential steps this week. He stepped onto a road covered in palm branches and cloaks to resounding hosannas. He strode into the temple and braced his stance as he turned tables. He climbed the Mount of Olives. He ascended the stairs to the...

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S3 E14: Staff Training Checklist

S3 E14: Staff Training Checklist

Check! We're gearing up, camp family! For many, it's time to begin forming our plans for staff training, even as we continue to recruit and hire staff. We're bringing you 8(+1) items on a summer staff training checklist to help you frame up a successful, impactful...

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Remember the Sabbath and Keep It

Remember the Sabbath and Keep It

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a camp director who expressed their deep weariness.  Their camp was in transition with key staff positions needing to be filled. Their personal life included grieving. And they wondered about the future of the camp – with fewer...

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Planning it Out

Planning it Out

Life can be busy beyond imagination. We can get stuck in the mode of just making it from one day to the next. There may be moments we are able to come up for air. Moments we feel everything is caught up and then we get bogged down again. I have had many of those...

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