Life Together and Camp

I was rereading Bonhoeffer’s Life Together the other day, and I got the chance to discuss the book with some students at Luther Seminary. I was struck again by the grace and passion of Bonhoeffer’s writing. In many ways, the seminary community at Finkenwalde was the...

Camp’s Diversity Problem

Christian camping ministry has a problematic history with race-relations and diversity. While many camps across the country have gone to great lengths to address the problem, it remains a serious concern for camps and camping ministry as a whole. The problem is rooted...

Christopraxis at Camp

Many Christians today, particularly in so-called “mainline denominations” (like Lutheran, Catholic, and Methodist), abdicate the work of pastoral care and pastoral theology to the ministry professionals. We attend church to be preached a sermon and to receive care,...

Sacred Playgrounds is a brand new book!

Sacred Playgrounds, a brand new book about Christian summer camp, is available now and ready for your bookshelf! These pages are filled with stories, research findings, and the tools to apply them in your own context, whether you’re a camp leader, church leader, fellow researcher, or lifelong camper. Enter your email for the latest updates and we'll also send you straight to the order page.

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