New Experiences and Camper Growth

New Experiences and Camper Growth

We were on the ledge. The Going-to-the-Sun Road was a dizzying 100 feet below us. I tried to exude confidence, but I was, in fact, a little nervous. We were on the first mile of our hike on the famous Highline Trail at Glacier National Park in Montana. The ledge was...
Never alone

Never alone

When I was a backpacking guide at Sky Ranch, I often read from Deuteronomy to help my campers prepare themselves physically and spiritually for life in the backcountry. You see, it is important for a Christian to understand when to read scripture literally and when to...

Only 12 Campers??

He was not quite in a panic, but there was clear concern in his voice when my brother called on Sunday afternoon. He had just dropped off my niece for her first week ever of summer camp at Bethel Horizons near Madison, WI. He had met the director and had a nice...

The Tower

        My socks were wet. You know the feeling. We were slogging up a soggy trail that wound up a steep wooded hill. The snow was still visible in patches, but most of it had melted in the mild spring weather of the past three days, turning the...

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