New Life from Death at Camp

New Life from Death at Camp

We made it up the mountain at midday. It was the day after camp ended. Most of the summer staff had already departed, and the rest were packing up. Exhaustion was in the air, almost palpably. I distinctly remember the feeling. After weeks of expending tremendous...

Confirmation Camp in Finland

Camping ministry is gaining the attention of the international scholarly community. This attention was precipitated in large part by the collaborative work of a team studying confirmation work in Europe. The first phase of the study (2007-2008) examined survey data...
It Is Well With My Soul: Camp All Saints

It Is Well With My Soul: Camp All Saints

“Remember, this is for Jesus.” I paused to consider this declaration. I suppose it is true, I thought, in some eschatological sense. Still, the declaration was a little jarring. The campers were getting antsy. Was the staff member just saying it to keep them quiet, or...

Like a Zipline through a Sanctuary

I was on my third (and last) pair of footwear. My hiking shoes were sopping wet from the deluge I was caught in the day before. My running shoes were dripping with muddy water from my ill-advised trail run through the mud puddles that morning (they would eventually...

Sacred Playgrounds is a brand new book!

Sacred Playgrounds, a brand new book about Christian summer camp, is available now and ready for your bookshelf! These pages are filled with stories, research findings, and the tools to apply them in your own context, whether you’re a camp leader, church leader, fellow researcher, or lifelong camper. Enter your email for the latest updates and we'll also send you straight to the order page.

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