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S3 E13: Learned This. Do That. Actionable Findings from Summer 2023

Mar 5, 2024 | Camp Research, Podcast

We’re constantly learning. Every season, we take care of each individual and/or group of camps we work with – creating reports, digging in with consults about the findings, and creating ways to help those insights tell stories. And, we take that data and compile it, looking at it from a higher level with richer numbers of responses. We do this to learn and identify trends across our broad outdoor ministry community.

So, we’ve got 3 interesting, and more importantly, actionable, findings from the collective 2023 camper experience. You’ll hear about:

  1. The trends on breakdowns in the 5 fundamentals of effective camps
  2. The trend in church engagement and family faith practices
  3. The experience gap in different types of camper groups

Our #StatOfTheWeek shares a statistically significant story on family church engagement, and our #QuickQampQuestion is one for you or a camp person you know.


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