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A Step with Jesus this Holy Week

Mar 27, 2024 | Generalities

Jesus took so many consequential steps this week.

He stepped onto a road covered in palm branches and cloaks to resounding hosannas. He strode into the temple and braced his stance as he turned tables. He climbed the Mount of Olives. He ascended the stairs to the upper room where he shared bread and wine and himself with his friends. He walked in the garden until he couldn’t, dripping in sweat like blood. Jesus took step after painful step toward that hill, carrying the cross that he would bleed and die on. His steps ended, or so they thought.

Then he stepped out of the tomb, changing everything, forever.

It’s about the journey, they say. What a journey Jesus took this week, in body, mind, and spirit. If you’ve ever truly taken time to sink your soul into the stories of Holy Week, you’ve felt the weight of it. It’s heavy and overwhelming and we can’t quite take it all in. Even though we may want to join Jesus in the journey, we can’t really step into it.

That’s ok, because like any road ever walked, it’s made up of single steps. And during this Holy Week, maybe we can take one or two alongside Jesus. It may be a step toward someone hurting, or a step deeper into who God is calling us to be. It could be a step toward a relationship worth mending, or a step away from one that’s toxic. It may be a step onto campus to learn something new, or a step toward a vocation that needs exploring.

Good news. If Jesus promised anything, and proved it this week, it’s that his steps take him toward you, and behind you, and especially beside you.

Have a blessed Holy Week, friends,

The Sacred Playgrounds Team


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