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S3 E1: Kickoff & A Panoramic Review of Summer ’23

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Podcast

Welcome to Season 3!

We’re kicking off this season with a what-to-expect and introducing two new segments we’re including in each episode this season. Read more about them and download your free graphic below!  We’ll be behind the mic every other week bringing you fresh insights from the latest data, all on a mission to help camping ministry thrive.

Ever seen an amazing panoramic photo, or used the setting on your smart device? This episode features a “panoramic” take on a 2023 summer in review. We’ll talk through and help you create 3 quick, clear deliverables to tell, connect, and prepare.

Quick Qamp Question (New Segment for Season 3!)
Each episode, we’ll feature a quick qamp question from you. Yep, you! You can submit your question on FacebookInstagram, direct message, textemail, or carrier pigeon. Want to level up your question? Send us an audio file and we’ll try to share it in the episode!

Camp Stat of the Week (New Segment for Season 3!)
Each episode, we’ll take a minute to highlight a fresh statistic from the latest research and also give you a simple set of downloadable graphics so you can share it with your camp communities.

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