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S1 E3: Camp2Congregation

Oct 5, 2021 | Podcast

If you’re a camp person, you’d love to pick camp up and take it on the road with you wherever you go.

That’s effectively what we get to do in traveling day camps, a way for the camp experience to go on the road and, in partnership with churches and their leaders, give kids and families a taste of what camp is like while supplementing their faith formation in their congregations.

The research and stories on the viability and even profitability of this model are interesting. Start here as we break down some of the major findings, and then read more and take a next step at



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    Hey J and. J, this podcast really captures the importance of traveling day camps as part of the ecosystem for outdoor ministries and congregations to consider.

    everyone benefits when the links between camp and congregation are bridged via traveling day camps. Plus the kids love it.

    And I appreciate that you lift it up how important it is that they be done well. significantly, the research identifies what are best practices. I encourage all camp and congregational leaders to dig into those details.

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      Huge thanks for your contributions to this project, Paul!

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      Totally right. Win-win if we can make sure we have the capacity and give it the investment to do it right.


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