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6 Big Ideas from Camp Research

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Camp Research

As we begin to integrate some of the research from the Confirmation Project, last fall’s survey of camp directors, and the 4 site visits from this past summer, some BIG IDEAS are emerging. I had the chance to share some of the emerging research findings in a webinar. Here is the link for that:

Camp Webinar

Here are the 6 BIG IDEAS from the camp research:

  1. Camp is more than FUN and GAMES.
  2. Christian camp experiences lead to greater engagement in congregations.
  3. Camps are effective because they take Christian community seriously.
  4. Camps are effective because they are places to UNPLUG.
  5. Camps are effective because they take young people seriously.
  6. Camps are effective because they take experience seriously.

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